Doppelganger.  The oft used word for a person who looks exactly like someone else.  There’s  scientific stuff that tells us it’s very unlikely.  I like science.  It tells us that people are unique.  They have their own character, their own quirkiness.  It’s a fact that most of the planet will find a mate, a soul partner that they will spend the rest of their lives with.  But it is more basic than that.  The brain is amazing.  Stand in a crowded train terminus during rush hour and let thousands of people walk right past you.  Your brain will analyze hundreds of peoples faces in fractions of a second and will it will determine who it believes you will find attractive or not.  How?  By analyzing millimetric dimensions and angles in fractions of a second.  Seriously?

Then there’s the street photographer.  They also factor in light, shade, angles and attitude.  We leave the thousandths of a second to the camera.  Therein lay the weakness.  If it were just a case of blinking to capture and share the fleeting image, we’d all be experts and there would be no experts.

The street photographer has to contend with aperture, ISO,  focus and depth of field.  Sometimes, the opportunity to construct the scenario.  Most often the fast shooting gun-slinger.

When all that fails, we head to post processing and the myriad of assistance available.  This can be over or under done.  Everyone, it seems, is a critic