I’m a child of the ’70’s.  I grew up in South East London and was fortunate to experience the greatest creative development of popular music ever.  It’s not just a listening experience, it became a way of life.  We grew up with our favorites and we despised those who were not.  But, 40 years on, we hear those tunes from all and sundry, liked and despised, and they sound great.  The music of our lives.  I have been fortunate enough to see a number of my heroes but not enough with a camera in my hand.  Music is an emotive sense and capturing a sound in a still image needs a leap of faith from the viewer.

The pictures I have come from opportunities taken.  They feature the emotion and “steamy passion” of the moment and, in most cases, the dedication of the artist after all these years.  Some are famous beyond imagination. Others struggle to make money at all.  Does that make one better than the other.  No. Them’s the breaks.