I am fascinated by images.  I love to see the world through other peoples eyes and their perspective.  Photography is my escape, my sanctuary from the day to day grind.  You may like my pictures. Many will not and say I’m just a snapper.  Well, that’s fair enough and I won’t argue.  But I enjoy it and if you like it, then that’s all that matters.

I have been proud and honored to photograph the weddings of people who are special to me and have enjoyed every moment.  In the last two years this has taken me to remote Thai beaches and a mountain top castle in Austria.

If you have a special day coming up and want to have it witnessed digitally, give me a call and I’m sure we’ll come to some accommodation

Professional Profile

Commonly Asked Questions:

Are you a professional photographer? – No, absolutely not.  I have a day job that keeps the wolf from the door.

Can I hire you for (insert reason here)? – Yes you can. But I don’t charge photographer rates (see answer to Q1).  So maybe if there’s a decent Red and I’m otherwise appointment free, I’m sure a deal can be arranged.

Can you travel to…?    Let’s get this is in perspective, within 30 miles? Yes.  Outside of that, you’re buying.

Can you make me look taller/thinner/dashing/sexier?  Yes, absolutely.  By simply pressing a button on a camera, I can potentially do all those things but the rest is up to you and how you feel.

Nikon. In case you were wondering.  Pro and semi pro cameras and lenses.  So I can’t blame the equipment.  #Nikon gear is, in my opinion, the best and is ergonomic and flexible.  I do hope someone in Nikon world is reading this.

Also Samsung telephones over the years.  I’m constantly amazed by the ability of phone cameras and their contribution to making photography achievable for many.

Which kind of photography I do

I like to think that I’m open to ideas but if pressed to what I like doing, it’s monochrome candid people photography and then the rest kind of flows naturally after that.  So, in a wedding situation, you need to have best men who will do the herding for the formal stuff.  But when I hand over the shots, there will be great images of people who had no idea that they were captured, laughing, crying, loving and living.

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