Weddings.  The briefest moment of time when two families who, lets be fair, probably don’t know each other at all, are forced together into a gathering of genuine joy or unholy alliance.  I’ve been to the latter scenario, they were interesting and doomed.  Fortunately, the ones I’ve photographed have been celebrations of absolute joy.  Maybe it’s me…..nah!

The Wedding Photographer is a special animal. There are those who have a plan, a script if you like.  The pictures follow a rehearsed routine.  They are staged, sometimes at the expense of waiting guests and caterers, to capture that “genuine look of love”.  If that’s what you want, move on.  Type “formulaic weddings” into Google and while you’re at it order up up some fake tan on Amazon

Then, there is the grafter photographer.  They look at the people.  They find out/work out, who are the main players, the family, the hierarchy.  They also, and this is key, find the interesting people.  There are people who have outward beauty and they will not be ignored.  Then, there are people who exude such inner beauty, they cannot be ignored.  I’m a man and that doesn’t mean I’m talking about women.  Not at all.  I see my job at weddings as having  one objective.  To remind everyone they were there and they had a great time.  “I only press the button”. It’s becoming my catch phrase.  People love to see themselves smiling or looking beautiful.  I can’t help that.  I can only facilitate it.  So, that’s your choice.  A celebration of what will be one unique day in a whole lifetime with the people you love and care for. Or, 50 fixed price pictures of you,.  Staged to make it look like you had a good time.