Landscapes, seascapes, cities, fields.  Sometimes I struggle to define what this topic actually means.  I like portrait views as well and they’re definitely the opposite of landscape.  So, it’s what you see.  Should people be in a Landscape picture?  Of course.  That is why I have my good friend Philip, standing in front of his creation the Short Step Arch in Folkestone.  Sunsets could occupy their own category, but in reality they are a glowing landscape, so they are in as well.

There’s also a portfolio within this site called Shapes.  But they are mostly buildings in a landscape context.  If that is confusing then good.  You’ve stayed with me.

I love the modern architecture of cities like Rotterdam or Dubai.  They challenge the observer with engineering.  Then, the simple but complex forms of the desert sands contrast heavily with glass and steel, bringing us back to ground zero of landscapes.